The idea to have an online journal related to Classical Greece and Roman studies in East Asia was first discussed at one of the board meetings of the Taiwan Association of Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies (TACMRS) in early 2021.  Nicholas Koss was then asked to investigate the possibility of having such a journal.  He contacted Classical scholars in China, Japan and Korea and found in each country much interest for this kind of journal.  Subsequently, the TACMRS board decided to start The East Asian Journal of Classical Studies (TEAJCS) and asked Nicholas Koss to be the editor-in-chief.  The first task was to find articles to be included.  Then, books published in East Asia related to Classical Studies, both studies and translations, were selected to be reviewed.  At the same time, bibliographies were compiled on studies and translations done in East Asia in the 2018 and 2019.  Finally, in the fall of 2022, the first issue of TEAJCS appeared online.

Our logo is a scroll containing the quotation “διπλοῦν ὁρῶσιν οἱ μαθόντες γράμματα.” It means “those who study the letters see double.” It is found in a collection of one-line sayings compiled by Menander: Gnomai Monostichoi (Γνῶμαι Μονόστιχοι). The implication is that those who study languages (the letters) see and understand more (twice as much) than those who do not.


The East Asian Journal of Classical Studies is published on behalf of the Taiwan Association of Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies (TACMRS), which may be accessed here at the following link: