Makoto Anzai, 
Hokkaido University 

Abstract and Introduction 

The purposes of this short textual note on the verse Sophocles Philoctetes 1019 are: to make a rather detailed report on the text of this line which was almost unanimouly transmitted by four mediaeval manuscripts of Sophocles (manuscripts A,U,Y, and Zo2), to show that this reading of the line is, though it has been completely neglected by all the modern editors of Sophocles since the editio princeps by Aldus Manutius, grammatically sound, to show that the line as transmitted by the four manuscripts can be sound and meaningful also in terms of theatrical performance. As a sort of finale to the paper, I will attach an appendix which will show that this neglected text can work as an effective part within the whole tragedy. Numbers inserted above in this paragraph correspond to the numbers of the sections of this paper. 

Keywords: Sophocles Philoctetes 1019, Medieval Manuscripts, Editio Princeps, Theatrical Performance

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